Project Management

Here is how Earth Stone helps you:

  • Evaluates your needs and desires.
  • Refers you to the best architect to draw up plans that meet your needs.
  • Draw up quantity spreadsheets relating to, for example, earthworks, building materials, the swimming pool and landscaping.
  • Recommends the best suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Consistently compares planned and actual quantities, to stay within your budget.
  • Sends through weekly updates of on-site construction and development.
  • Sends through regular financials, with reconciliation once a week.
  • Attends to snags after the completion of your house.

EarthStone values integrity and trust, and is committed to cement these time-honored characteristics into every client's new house throughout every stage of the project.

Building your dream house should be an exciting experience. That is why we are in business. Contact  EarthStone today!