Enhanced Lifestyle Living


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Your home is your castle. It is a place to kindle the preciousness of life and therefore has to reflect the values and lifestyle you hold dear: beauty, elegance, taste, comfort, excellence, ergonomic functionality and inspiration. We choose a home to reflect who we are and how we desire to live.

Such a home requires the best construction possible. It should delight the senses with its harmony of space and charm, and should honor the business of living and entertaining in comfort.

Save time end enjoy the build

And yet, today's lifestyle does not allow for the time needed to create your own home. Such projects often result in lengthy negotiations with builders. Furthermore, faulty craftsmanship and construction may turn out to be torturous hassle. Earthstone takes all this responsibility away from the home owner by offering a complete home build package. You only need to move in. All the detail is left to us.

Unique solutions

Earthstone creates homes that celebrate who you are by approaching each home as a one-of-a-kind project.  This means that each home is tailor-made and exudes an individual, exclusive atmosphere, and an atmosphere of style and luxurious comfort. For truly comfortable living, careful ergonomic planning ensures a smooth flow of spaces to maximize functionality.

Choice of styles

Refined style is an extension of today's lifestyle trends. Therefore, Earthstone believes that current trends with enduring appeal lead to a pleasurable home experience. The character and personality of an EarthStone home may be inspired by one of the following: English Country, Tuscan, Colonial, Provencal or Italian Classical. These character styles have universal appeal and charm, and reflect beauty and luxurious living. Partnering these styles with the South African ideals of outdoor living and entertaining is crucial.  EarthStone then  interprets each style to accommodate your enjoyment of South Africa's climate and topography.  Swimming pools, domestics’ quarters and spacious verandas are integral to the EarthStone philosophy of a comfortable home and the South African philosophy around home entertainment.

Exclusive finishes and value-adding features pave the way to a pleasurable home experience:

  • Cost-saving solar powered geysers.
  • Generators counter power surges and outage.
  • Modern lighting fixtures give the right mood to your home.
  • Home and sound automation systems control things like lighting, security and sound within certain spaces.
  • Top-of-the range alarm systems and security solutions.

The best in craftsmanship

In order to maintain a standard of excellence, Earthstone insists on only the very best in craftsmanship. Time-honored construction methods and superior materials are paramount to the integrity of a home's construction; we select finishes carefully to reflect the home's individual style.

Simply put – every single aspect of the home works together to create a beautiful, unique, and sensuous living experience.