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Paving is very important. At least part of your garden needs some kind of hard surface, whether it be around a swimming pool, for an entertainment area or a drive way. Paving is not just for aesthetic appeal or a fashion statement for your garden. Some form of paved surface can be found around almost every single home. There are a number of important reasons why most people opt for paving.


The Importance of Paving


Practical Tips for Building a Green Home

Going Green has become one of the most popular buzz words of our generation and with good reason.  We live in an age when it has never been easier to get information, with countless sources at your fingertips. With all this knowledge at our disposal it is our responsibility to not only preserve the knowledge but also our environment and quality of life for generations to come.

More than Mortar

Simple elegant design with natural colours and textured finishes has been an increasing trend in recent years. Our unique South African landscape creates the perfect opportunity to embrace the natural environment and incorporate it in the home interior. Weather it’s long sandy beaches, bushveld bonfires or the planes of the African Savannah that fills your soul, creating a home that lives and breathes the African heartbeat can be achieved by choosing the right textures and finishes.



Communication - Solving the biggest problems in construction project management.png

Communication, communication, communication. It seems pretty simple but communicating all aspects of a project to the various role players successfully and on time proves to be a challenge in many projects. While there are many potentially problematic areas which can derail a project, most of them can be avoided or resolved through effective communication. A few of the most common problems:


Exceeding the Budget

10 Tips for constructing a new home

Building your home is an exciting time which should be approached with buckets full of energy and your creative cap firmly in place. Without the right guidance it can also turn into an endless nightmare of misconceptions and un-informed decisions. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten tips to ease the journey.


Check references

Project Management Tools

Architects, Engineers, Builders, Painters, Tilers etc. all need the right tools to be able to complete a project successfully. These tools need to aid the contractor in his task and he chooses them with great care and consideration to ensure that they get the job done. In the same way a Project Manager needs to have the right tools at his disposal to ensure the accurate planning and execution of the particular project. But what tools should they be using?

Project Management

The term Project Management has become very popular in recent years but for a lot of people the definition of the term is a bit of a mystery. Project management is defined as the discipline of initiating, planning, executing and controlling the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. A good project manager is a valuable asset to any project but even more so in the construction industry where it almost becomes a necessity.


10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Architect


If you have been following our blog you would have noticed our previous article on how to choose the right architect for our project.  The architect may be a costly part of your project and we often hear people ask why they need to spend money on an architect at all. In our experience the architect is one of the most important role players in the project. We turned to industry experts – Strey Architects – to explain why: